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I pride myself on customer service and the ability to provide you with quality stamping and papercrafting items at discount prices. I also love to design and inspire your creativity. I strive to make your overall shopping experience with me the best it can be.

FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will my order ship?
A: in stock orders ship within 2-7 days. If your item has an **SO behind it that is a NON stocked item these orders will take the few days longer. Normal shipping Times are 7-10 days some ship sooner some may take as long as 14 days with SO...PLEASE EMAIL ME at for an update.  So sorry I do not have time to email updates working another full time job....

Q: Can I make changes on an order I just placed?
A: So sorry We are unable to do so as it says at checkout in our shopping cart.
We need an order and invoice for every single items in and out of our store.
The only way to do this is an order being placed by you. Our inventory,
website, shopping cart and Quick books are all tied together. It's a very complex
system but it is what keeps our inventory accurate and allows us to pull,
pack and ship every in stock order quickly.

Q: Do You Combine Shipping?
A: We are unable to combine shipping as we ship in the order the orders
are received and due to how fast we pack and ship orders usually by the
time you contact us your order has already been packed and possibly shipped.

Q: I have not received my order yet?
A: Once you have checked all the items you ordered on our website to
make sure there are NO PREORDERS on them.  Please see our Preorder
policy page
for full details on PREORDERS. PLEASE e mail us to check
the tracking for your order.  99.9% of the time the reason your order has
not shipped is it contains PREORDERS you missed.

Q: I am tired of waiting for a PREORDER I want a refund.
A: We do not do refunds of any type.  We do store credits. We are
happy to issue you a store credit that does not expire.  Once your
order is placed we have fees involved in taking your payment that
are not refundable to us.
This is all explained in more detail on our Policies/Shipping Page

Q: Why did you ship my order First Class, Media, UPS etc?
A: Unless you pay for USPS Priority shipping it is our choice and states
that clearly at checkout.  If you do not specify UPS, USPS Priority and pay
for it, it is our choice how we ship items.  We can send them First Class, media
mail if magazines or books are ordered, UPS or Priority.

Q: I ordered a product that shows in stock but has not shipped yet?
A: PLEASE go check the item to make sure there is NOT a big red PREORDER or an SO after item name
in the item description of a preordered item and SO is temporarily SOLD OUT

FOR PREORDERS they may show an in stock number                                                                       This is so we don't oversell our inventory we have on order.  Please
see Preorder Policies for more info.

Q: I have an order discrepancy/I am missing an item or received a wrong item.
A: You have 14 days to report this to us upon receipt of your order.  We will gladly
make it right!!!  If you have received a wrong item simply return it and email us how much the postage was and we will gladly pay you back and send you the correct item, postage and a FREE gift for your troubles.
PLEASE CONTACT US by emailing for return shipping address and RMA number

Q:  Can I return an item?
A:  You may return or exchange an item within 14 days as long as the item is unopened or not used and it is NOT a machine, book, magazine or DVD.  More info here under policies/shipping

Q:  Why is there NO phone number for us to contact you?
A:  We will be happy to call you if you do not find an answer here or in our
Policies/Shipping or Preorder pages.  Our first most important task is getting
orders packed and shipped.   We try to put all the answers here or on
the Preorder or Policies Shipping pages...We are a small business and I do all
the packing, shipping, ordering and inventory.  The time it takes us
to answer the phone is precious time we could be packing and shipping your
order.  We found it more important to get your orders out in 24 hours than
to answer questions you can easily find here.  This is why we have created these
pages to answer most all your questions.  IF a call is required please e mail us
with your phone number and we will call you at our earliest convenience.

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